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EP-X is our latest energy saving solution. We talked about it in depth in this article dedicated explaining the additional benefits for companies:

  • More control
  • More customization options
  • Even more safety
  • Improved user interface
  • Easier maintenance

In addition to these advantages, the excellent performance in terms of energy saving remains, with a reduction in consumption and CO2 emissions.

Today we can present an additional advantage for companies that use the EP-X or E-POWER solution in combination with a power supply from a photovoltaic system.


More and more companies are opting for the installation of their own photovoltaic system to obtain substantial benefits:

  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Reducing dependence on the power grid
  • Protection of energy tariffs
  • Emission abatement
  • Possibility to earn money by reselling energy not used on site
  • Greater sustainability of energy consumption

According to the accurate estimates, constantly updated, of Electricity Map photovoltaics is one of the low-emission technologies, with an average of 27 grams of CO2 equivalent for each kWh produced.

To provide a benchmark, biomass produces 230 grams of CO2 equivalent per kWh, gas stands at 430 grams of CO2, oil 1165 grams and coal 1083 grams.

Going to reduce consumption at the base thanks to the installation of EP-X or E-POWER generates further savings, reducing consumption costs even more, improving environmental performance and freeing up energy to be sold outside.

The synergy of EP-X + photovoltaic gives an edge to the energy efficiency strategy.


Thanks to the availability of our client TUBITEX, which mounts our EP-X and has a photovoltaic system installed, we have been able to verify how the simultaneous operation of both devices leads to a better performance of our device in terms of energy savings of about 1%.

We performed an accurate energy consumption measurement with the PV enabled and disabled, implementing our certified measurement protocol on the most representative working days of the site.

This is excellent news and an encouraging prospect that will further improve energy performance for an increasingly large audience of companies that implement both solutions: photovoltaic and EP-X or E-POWER.

We presented the case study of this test at TUBITEX on our LinkedIn page: follow us to be always updated on industry news or contact us for more information about energy-saving options tailored to your business.