Energy efficiency and innovation


Energy efficiency and innovation: all the pluses

After the announcement of the European Green Deal, the goodness of our innovative work in the search for energy efficiency solutions has been further confirmed, in full compliance with the new European directives and directly bringing immediate benefits to every single customer. The energy efficiency guaranteed by EP-X is the result of a continuous technological innovation process leading to straightaway, long-term advantages.

Energia Europa’s solutions to improve business energy efficiency leverage outstanding pluses:
• guaranteed economic gains: the initial investment pays for itself as a result of the savings obtained in terms of both lower electricity consumption and electrical equipment maintenance and replacement;
• environmental benefits: lower power consumption equates to reduced CO2 emissions;
• high quality product: in addition to guaranteed results and product certifications, customer service is another strength of Energia Europa;
• transparency: the performance of the installed EP-X device can be monitored in real time;
• certifications for customers: by using EP-X companies can prove their commitment to protecting the environment.

The cleanest energy is the saved energy

This claim embeds the philosophy behind Energia Europa’s work.
Innovating and designing solutions for direct energy savings is the best way to achieve real energy efficiency.
EP-X solutions can be integrated into a system without having to modify the equipment, and can be bypassed to carry out performance checks.
As a result of co-operating with independent laboratories and partners, results can be guaranteed ahead of installation, thus providing energy managers with all the relevant data they need to plan a prudent, tailored investment. It should be considered that even in the event of an improvement in the Italian energy mix, all the advantages in terms of lower consumption and costs as well as reduced CO2 emissions will remain in place.
To complete the energy saving options, we offer integrated solutions aimed at improving the efficiency of lighting fixtures through our LED DIVISION.

Energy efficiency: indirect savings

The energy efficiency achieved through EP-X solutions is not limited to reducing power consumption.
By prioritising power quality, EP-X improves the performance and life span of electronic equipment and lighting fixtures downstream of the device.
Low power quality generates inefficiencies and malfunctions accounting for nearly 4% of turnover (Leonardo ENERGY study conducted in 8 countries on 16 industrial sectors).
It goes without saying that improving power quality also generates indirect savings: lower maintenance costs, lower expenses for the replacement of equipment and lighting fixtures.
In addition to economic savings, a number of environmental benefits can be also obtained as a result of lower waste production.

The impact on the community

The long-term energy efficiency advantages brought by EP-X include positive effects on the community and on future generations, in perfect keeping with the European Green Deal.
The recently announced agreement has made it possible for Europe to formalise its commitment by promulgating a noteworthy plan: to become the first continent in the world with zero climate impact by 2050.

A lower environmental impact on a small as well as large scale frees up resources to be allocated in other sectors, to the benefit of people and the local areas on which the hidden economic burdens stemming from externalising pollution costs would weigh.

What is more, the provision of energy certifications and the resulting guaranteed environmental benefits give additional value to a company, fostering virtuous competition that brings further widespread environmental and economic advantages.

The European Green Deal

On January 14th, the European Commission approved the “European Green Deal”, namely a plan to invest around 1000 billion euros for a sustainable Europe over the next 10 years, that will enable Europe to achieve its emission reduction goals, and to become the world’s first climate neutral continent by 2050.