Webinars: dissemination mission

Why Webinars?

Energia Europa’s mission is to innovate solutions aimed at improving power quality, in order to provide Italian and European companies with the most effective, reliable tools for energy efficiency.
The importance of this goal goes far beyond immediate power savings.
As we always point out, the cleanest energy is the energy saved, and this claim already outlines how we conceive energy efficiency: indeed, as the best way to protect everyone’s environment, in the present and in the future.
Being aware of how important the energy management decisions that we are making today are and will be, also goes through disseminating the results and technological goals already achieved as well as the most profitable partnerships underway, to show everyone that our goals are no longer science fiction but they are already making a difference.

Webinars: the contents

We offer technical focuses on the power quality issue in our webinars. 
As you can imagine, it is an utterly interesting, valuable gallery for engineers, experts and energy managers who are interested in power quality and efficiency.
We aim to share our know-how with a view to providing reliable, timely and always up-to-date data, for you to gain suitable knowledge means to assess our energy saving products. These contents are aimed at those who work in our sector and are interested in EP-X solutions for their own production and working facilities.

Finding out how much your company’s energy efficiency can be increased is easy with the EP-X configurator