Innovation and customer service is a mission that goes through various channels to synergistically combine the skills and expertise of different sectors.

We co-operate with some leading international companies and organisations within the scope of Research & Development as well as advanced energy management and strategic innovation.
In detail, we actively collaborate with the following companies and institutions:

  • ABB: a world leading company for electrical and electrotechnical solutions for every application area
  • AERE: helps companies to reduce energy costs through energy diagnoses and an energy management path
  • ALENS: certified consultant of Zero Carbon Target, the certification program that accompanies companies in projects to reduce CO2 emissions
  • University of Florence: a university of excellence in Italy for power quality study and research
  • University of Krefeld: a university of excellence in Germany for power quality study and research
  • Polytechnic University of Madrid: a university of excellence in Spain for energy and energy efficiency studies
  • Leyton: a leading company in Europe for consultancy services on low-interest financing targeting innovation and environmental sustainability.
  • Energy Team: a leading company in Italy for energy monitoring systems
  • Higeco: a leading company in Italy for the development of data monitoring devices

The core of research and development lies in the partnerships with the Italian and foreign universities just mentioned.
In particular, we manage a centre of excellence for research on Power Quality phenomena jointly with the University of Florence.

Smart Energy Lab