Energy Saving



The energy saving that is obtained from EP-X concerns the improvement of the performance of all the equipment downstream of the installation of our passive filter that improves the power quality.

The attention to a solution of excellence at 360 ° has led us to include in our offer of intelligent products also the solutions for smart lighting of our LED DIVISION.

If the energy saving produced by the work of e-Power is achieved with a saving ranging from 3% to 6% of total consumption, the energy saving of an LED lighting system can exceed 80% compared to traditional lights.

The B2B vocation of Energia Europa and e-Lampsy has led us to push for innovation, research and development of high-quality professional LED lighting solutions in terms of:

1. performance and energy saving: with a saving of up to over 80% on consumption

2. future proof construction: to ensure easy-to-upgrade products with improved components available in future years

3. cut-off design: to cut the light emissions responsible for light pollution

4. wide customization possibilities: from custom design to automation and remote control options up to protection with nanotechnologies, to maximize energy saving and installation versatility even in harsh environments, historical, artistic sites and design environments.