Research and Development


Research and development in Italy

The research and development area is at the core of our company.

Energia Europa has 3 high-level laboratories managed jointly with the departments of Information Engineering and Industrial Engineering of the University of Florence, the Smart Energy Lab.

The 3 laboratories, located in Zanè, Florence and Calenzano, are equipped with the most sophisticated instruments currently available for the analysis and measurement of all power quality parameters. Thanks to these instruments, our engineers together with university researchers can accurately analyse the effects produced by our EP-X device on power and electrical loads. Through these analyses, we are able to accurately detect and document the impact of our systems on power loads and, therefore, to pursue continuous experimentation for the development of increasingly effective solutions.

Research and development in Europe

Energia Europa’s co-operation with universities and research & development bodies does not stop at the Italian borders.
We embarked on joint research and analysis activities with prestigious international universities, such as the Polytechnic University of Madrid in Spain and two research institutes in Germany and Poland.
The results obtained by the Italian and European laboratories make it possible for us to fully improve the performance of our business energy efficiency solutions.
The co-operation at a European level is in line with the EP-X distribution, a product which is used throughout Europe as a certified device for improving power quality and reducing emissions.

Energia Europa invests in research and development