Logistics and offices


Energia Europa for the logistics and offices sector


EP-X installed

4.218.000 kWh

Aggregate energy saved

1.687.000 Kg

Amount of CO2 recovered


Average efficiency measured

Aggiornati a Maggio 2023 / Updated to May 2023

Energy saving solutions

Logistics and offices

Energy savings in the logistics and offices sector have the advantage of being perceived in a more tangible way by the users of the spaces, that receive power through the EP-X filter.
As a matter of fact, the facilities that benefit from our energy saving solution in this sector experience the environments on an everyday basis unlike other locations.
The direct profits achieved stem from lower energy supply costs, in addition to reduced indirect costs due to less maintenance and replacement of electrical equipment and lighting fixtures.
In the case studies reported, we can boast particularly satisfactory results.

The application areas of the EP-X device mainly concern logistic centers and offices, with average power sizes ranging between 600 A and 1,600 A.