Energy savings in hotels
and restaurants


Energia Europa for Ho.Re.Ca.


EP-X installed

6.644.000 kWh

Aggregate energy saved

2.658.000 Kg

Amount of CO2 recovered

5,00 %

Average efficiency measured

Aggiornati a Maggio 2023 / Updated to May 2023

Energy savings in hotels and restaurants

The high consumption in the hotel and catering sector is due to a series of electrical equipment and lighting fixtures that are mostly essential to provide basic services.
These are incompressible costs that have a significant weight in the budget.
Excellent results can be obtained by installing EP-X, as shown by the case studies referred to on the page.

Catering and Hotel sector: all opportunities

The variety of company types in the hotel and catering sector is reflected in a wide range of special needs.
The configurator available on the website can be used to preliminarily measure energy savings and the associated emission reduction.
However, especially in this sector, all-round consultancy including not only the technical data to size and optimise the EP-X product, but also an overview of the specific concessions and incentives available for the hotel and catering sector – an issue that is particularly crucial at this time – is essential.

Through our projects in the hotel and restaurant sector, we can improve energy efficiency with no need to conduct significant work.