Testimonials: our customers’ direct feedback

Videos are essential tools to prove the effectiveness of Energia Europa’s EP-X solutions.

Whoever chose us is the best endorser of the goodness of our energy efficiency product.
We believe that this type of communication based on our customers’ direct feedback perfectly integrates the technical information we can offer as a company.

EP-X boasts awards from important national and international bodies as well as Italian and European universities.
EP-X guarantees that the investment made is paid off by the energy saved and the benefits achieved.
However, listening to all this summarised by those who are already enthusiastically and profitably enjoying the EP-X product installed in their company, adds a further guarantee of satisfaction.
Welcome to the gallery of video references and enjoy the show.



Nuova Saimpa


Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics


Scoprite quanto può aumentare l’efficienza energetica
della vostra azienda con il configuratore E-Power