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Energy saving is our mission: the reduction of company consumption and, consequently, emissions is an area in which we invest heavily in research and development to create solutions that are in line with the high expectations and needs of our customers.

Sustainability also involves safety: safe equipment resistant to extreme stress can last longer and, in the case of our e-Power and EP-X solutions, extend the life of equipment downstream of installation, protecting it from unexpected and harmful events.

That’s why we certify our systems with rigorous tests in state-of-the-art laboratories: to give our customers real solutions and concrete answers for business needs at 360 °.


As our customers rely on us for valid and reliable energy saving solutions, so we establish excellent partnerships to work in synergy and achieve high quality in every area.

Our R&D department is the heart of the company and makes use of external collaborations in various areas, from renowned Italian and European universities to excellent suppliers for components.

Our main partner is ABB, a leading company in components and equipped with an internal laboratory for the execution of specific tests.

ABB follows us not only for an important part related to the components for our energy saving solutions, but also for the part related to safety during crucial phases of our research and development.

In particular, we rely on ABB to certify compliance with CEI EN 61439 -1-2, testing the short-circuit resistance of our equipment.

To give some figures about the rigor of these tests, just think that a 1,000 A device is subjected to a current of 40,000 A for the duration of one second, with a peak of 84,000 A.

The results confirm the robustness and safety of our equipment, which after the test are deformed but functioning and overall intact.

These tests allow us to place equipment on the market that can keep installation sites safe even in the event of extreme events, protecting not only the site and equipment downstream of our energy saving system but also protecting the operators.

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