Average saving measured

3.993.000 kWh

Energy saving

1.597.000 kg*

Amount of CO2 recovered

* Conversion factor: 0,400


Company: Termoplast – Italy

Termoplast is an Italian manufacturer of technical polymer films for flexible packaging, mainly intended for the food, medical, industrial and sanitary hygiene sectors.
Founded in 1967 for the production of bags and printed bags, in 1982 it specializes in technical films in PE. Today it remains as a family-run company with a high quality production, organized on a plant of 10,000 square meters with modern extrusion machinery and automated systems, aimed mainly at the Italian and European market. Termoplast’s sustainable production uses, among other things, 5,000 square meters of photovoltaic park.

Operating in a typically energy-intensive sector and using extrusion systems very sensitive to the quality of the power supply, the customer was looking for a solution that, in addition to ensuring a certain energy saving, also improved power quality and therefore helped to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

The Project

At the end of June 2014, the client installed 3 EP-X devices of which 2 of 1,600 A and 1 of 1,800 A, downstream of the 3 main switches that manage the electrical distribution of the entire plant. The energy consumption detected during the technical inspection turns out to be about 10,500,000 kWh, evenly distributed, for a total used power of about 1,950 kW. The configuration of the electrical loads managed by the 3 switches are essentially composed of machinery with and without inverters and traditional and electronic lighting:
Line 1:
• Non-Inverter Machinery: 65%
• Inverter Machinery: 30%
• Traditional lighting: 5%

Line 2:
• Non-Inverter Machinery: 75%
• Inverter Machinery: 10%
• Traditional lighting: 10%
• IT devices: 5%

Line 3:
• Non-Inverter Machinery: 100%