Average saving measured

3.638.000 kWh

Energy saving

1.455.000 kg*

Amount of CO2 recovered

* Conversion factor: 0,400


Company: Poliplast – Italy

Poliplast S.p.a. is an Italian company that produces thermoplastic powder polymers, polyethylene bags and electricity from renewable sources. Founded in 1972, Poliplast is now one of the leaders in the sector, in Italy and Europe. The Casnigo (BG) plant is located on an area of about 65,000 square meters and employs 130 people. Poliplast is also particularly distinguished by its commitment to environmental protection, having invested in the production of clean electricity through the construction of 8 hydroelectric power plants, which produce 41,000,000 kW per year, equivalent to about 22,000 tons of CO2 not released into the environment.

In a typically energy-intensive business sector, the customer was looking for a solution that would ensure a measurable energy savings and possibly reduce network disturbances that cause problems for machinery corresponding to high maintenance costs.

The Project

Between August and September 2017, the client installed 2 EP-X devices of 3,200 A and 4,000 A on 2 different electrical cabinets which power all loads on the site.
In cabinet 1 the load configuration consists mainly of machinery with and without inverter and air conditioning, for a used power of about 1,900 kW and an energy consumption equal to almost 10,000,000 of kWh; in cabinet 2 the load configuration is essentially composed of machinery with and without inverters, for a committed power of 1,500 kW and a consumption of about 8,000,000 of kWh.
Cabin 1:
• Inverter Machinery: 50%
• Non-Inverter Machinery: 32%
• Air conditioning: 18%

Cabin 2:
• Inverter Machinery: 74%
• Non-Inverter Machinery: 24%
• Lighting: 2%