Kymp talo building helsinki



Average saving measured

120.000 kWh

Energy saving

25.000 kg*

Amount of CO2 recovered

* Conversion factor: 0,400

he EP-X energy efficiency system is now well introduced on the Finnish market thanks to the partnership between Energia Europa S.p.A and EcoPWR Oy, our Finnish partner and importer of EP-X products into Finland.

Although led with great professionalism and experience by Minna Vilpponen (Chief financial officer),Tapio Vilpponen (Chief executive officer), Petri Vinni (Project manager) and Zarko Radulovic (Sales and marketing director), the success of EcoPWR Oy is also the result of the co-operation with one of the major energy provider companies in Finland called Väre Oy. After an adequate period dedicated to the market presentation of our EP-X solution, the valuable co-operation between EcoPWR Oy and Väre Oy has brought a very positive attention from various industries in Finland and strong awareness in the market for this technology. Just to name a few of the major customers acquired in these years, we have DB Schenker, one of the world leaders
in logistics, Volvo Finland, Prisma hypermarket chain, the municipality of Helsinki and more.

The first three EP-X devices of 1000 A were installed at the DB Schenker logistics center in Vantaa in the beginning of 2021, followed by the scientific measurement of performance through the analytical comparison of power absorption between the two states of the machine – Saving and Bypass, which certified an average result of about 4% in terms
of energy savings.

An additional 1000 A device of the new EP-X series was installed at the DB Schenker facility in Vaajakoski, where an average saving of about 4.20% was measured. On the basis of these significant results, the DB Schenker Group has planned to continue with the efficiency project, using the devices provided by Energia Europa S.p.A with the application of more EP-X devices during 2023 and for the following years.

As for the municipality of Helsinki, it is a very large and ambitious project that concerns several important public buildings.
The first 2 devices of 1000 A were installed at KYMP-Talo (The Urban Environment House of Helsinki), a prestigious building dedicated to urban planning in the capital, where almost 1000 employees work and, which welcomes a high number of visitors daily.