Average saving measured

97.720 kWh

Energy saving

39.000 kg*

Amount of CO2 recovered

* Conversion factor: 0,249


Azienda: Loas – Finland

Loas is a Finnish company operating in the university residence market in Finland, offering quality apartments at low cost to over 3,000 students on the main university campus of Lappeenranta. Environmental sustainability is an essential component of Loas corporate mission, which positions itself as the greenest community in the country in the world of university and non-university housing. In addition to residences and apartments, Loas also offers to campus students other services, such as sauna and common spaces for sports and recreation activities.

As part of a company policy strongly focused on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, the customer wanted to implement a further efficiency solution that would guarantee a verifiable energy saving and the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions.

The project

In October 2020, were installed 2 different 200 A and 160 A EP-X devices at two separate residential sites in Linnunrata and Yliopistonkatu, downstream of the main breakers.
The average configuration of the electrical loads powered by these lines consists mainly of non-inverter machinery, electronic lighting, air conditioning and IT devices.

Line 1 Linnunrata:
• Non-Inverter Machinery: 67%
• Electronic lighting: 24%
• Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning: 6%
• IT devices: 3%

Line 2 Yliopistonkatu:
• Non-Inverter Machinery: 66%
• Electronic lighting: 22%
• Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning: 8%
• IT devices: 4%