Average saving measured

306.300 kWh

Energy saving

122.500 kg*

Amount of CO2 recovered

* Conversion factor: 0,400


Company: Campus X – Italy

Campus X is a student housing company that offers accommodation facilities for students. The company was founded in 2010 with the aim of revolutionizing the offer of campuses for students in Italy, inspired by the most advanced models of Nordic and Anglo-Saxon campuses, developed in a sustainable way.
Today Campus X is the main Italian brand in the student housing market and has 6 urban resorts, over 2,600 rooms and 3,500 beds. With a modern and technological vision that goes beyond normal housing standards, Campus X aims to become a real Student Resort, reaching an offer of 10 thousand rooms by 2025.

Given its positioning in the university housing market, the customer was looking for an easy to apply efficiency solution that would guarantee a verifiable result in terms of energy saving and emission reduction, in line with the strong environmental sensitivity of its young customers.

Il Progetto

In January 2017 was installed a 1,000 A EP-X device at university campus in Rome, in an electric cabin that feeds the various utilities and services on campus, similar to a hotel or a residential hub.
The configuration of the loads powered by this line consists mainly of air conditioning, lighting and various machinery with and without inverters, for a used power of about 600 kW and an energy consumption of about 1,500,000 kWh.

Main Cabin:
• Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning: 48%
• Non-Inverter Machinery: 27%
• Electronic lighting: 20%
• Inverter Machinery: 5%