Peroni Bewery



Average saving measured

3.506.000 kWh

Energy saving

1.402.000 kg*

Amount of CO2 recovered

* Conversion factor: 0,400


Company: Birra Peroni – Italy

Birra Peroni is an Italian beer producer with excellent ingredients, such as 100% Italian malt and premium corn. Founded in Vigevano in 1846 by Francesco Peroni as a small factory with an adjoining brewery open to the public, today it is part of the Japanese Asahi Group. In Italy it owns 3 plants, in Rome, Bari and Padua and a malt plant in Pomezia (Rome), employing over 750 employees throughout the national territory. The annual production amounts to more than 6,000,000 hectolitres, of which more than 2,000,000 are exported to the 71 foreign markets in which it is present.

The customer was looking for an effective and easy-to-apply centralized efficiency solution that could be applicable in all three Italian plants.

The project

In June 2015 Peroni decided to install the first EP-X system at the Padua plant as a pilot project, an EP1400A.
The power used in the plant is about 850 kW for an annual consumption of about 3,400,000 kWh.
The load configuration consists of machinery with and without inverters, compressors and fans for air conditioning and electronic lighting:
1. Inverter Machinery: 45%
2. Non-Inverter Machinery: 21%
3. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning: 30%
4. Electronic and traditional lighting: 4%

In 2016 was installed one EP-X device of 2,500 A always on the Padua site and 2 more devices of 2,500 A and 1,400 A on the Bari plant, while in the following year an additional EP-X of 1,400 A was installed at the production site in Rome.